Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wednesday....12.12.12 (Cool date!)

Therapy was not scheduled until 2pm today, so we had a bit of a lie in, then just spent the morning doing Dan's exercises and a bit of schoolwork for Lucy. Then Dan set off for a walk along the corridor, although he didn't get as far as he wanted to, because we had to bring him back in for lunch. (Rich was actually hiding round the corner in this photo - we wouldn't be as far away from him as this implies because there's still every possibility that he could fall flat on his face!)

We unfortunately had to use quite a bit of the therapy time sorting out the walker, which has rather a drag to the left. The rep has now ordered new wheels for it, which we hope will sort the problem. We weren't too worried about the lost therapy time though because Daniel was quite tired and pale today, and we weren't sure he was ready for a 'full on' session anyway.

Once we did get going, he did some arm exercises, pulling out some stretchy stuff.....

Then some standing at the bench throwing balls into a net. He had to crouch down to pick up the balls before standing up again, which was tough, but definitely good for him. He also did some cruising along the therapy table, side-stepping along.

We went to pick Lucy up from the siblings' room to find her doing Yoga (yes, really! They had some sort of visiting yoga instructor in teaching the children.) Lucy had also made a brilliant Christmas snowman, of which she was very proud.

After therapy, and mindful of the little time we have remaining here, we went for a last visit to the Arch. The children once again had a lovely time in the museum and we watched the film about the building of the arch (which Lucy had already seen twice with Grandma and Grandpa and is fascinated by - I think she is going to be an engineer!)

Daniel again chose to walk downstairs tonight for food, and on arriving at the table, suddenly decided to try this.....

Don't think that he is standing independently here - he isn't! He is cheating, and leaning his bottom on his walker behind him. However, it is a mark of how much more confident he is getting in his walker that he had the urge to try it.

He also walked back again.....

....all the way back to and into the apartment.

Tonight at bed time he actually asked us to put his knee-immobiliser on! This is meant to alternate between legs, and holds the leg straight, effectively stretching the hamstring overnight. It can't be particularly comfortable, and we had not restarted it up to this point since the hamstring op, since his hamstrings are still a bit sore. However, we were really impressed that he actually asked for it tonight.

Tomorrow is our last full day here, and we have such a mix of feelings about leaving. We are hoping to enjoy our last day though, as well as practical jobs like returning our hire car, which has been great, and saying our goodbyes, not forgetting the need to get down to some packing!

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