Friday, 7 December 2012

Thursday (3 weeks post SDR, 2 days post hamstrings)

I can't believe it's three weeks already since Daniel had his big op - a lot has happened in that time!

He actually slept really well last night, which was a relief to both of us because our batteries are definitely running low! This morning we had physio at 9 with Jackie and she focused mainly on doing 'sit to stand' off the seat of his walker, and then walking. It was slow work, with frequent sitting down breaks, but we were all impressed with how well he did, especially when you consider he had surgery on his legs only 2 days ago.

As you can see in the video, Jackie was still giving him some support, and he was a little scared to straighten his legs (not surprisingly), but there were some nice steps and no sign of his legs even being tempted to cross!

At the end of the session, we went down to pick up Lucy from the siblings play room, and found her doing this....

We had a drink and snack in the hospital cafe, then set off to The Galleria on the way home.

You might remember Starry, the special 'operation bear' that Daniel built a couple of days before his first op. When he built Starry, he dressed him in pyjamas, because he was the bear that was going to go to sleep with Daniel for his operations. Since both ops are now over Dan decided he wanted to spend his remaining bit of 'holiday money' (if you can call it that) on getting Starry some day clothes. He went and bought him a Star Wars outfit, and created 'Obi Starry Kenobi'! How cool is this?!

Lucy has managed to dress her bear so it looks ready to go to a night-club. It even has heeled shoes!

Once back at the apartment, Rich and Dan tackled the home exercise program - the first time we have done it since the second op. They took it gently, especially the stretches, but we could clearly see the effect of his hamstring lengthening. Have a look at this kicking (and bear in mind that Daniel had NEVER kicked his leg at all before SDR)....

Meanwhile, Lucy was doing one of the things she does best - inventing some elaborate role-play game that resulted in the apartment looking like a bomb had gone off!

Daniel also had another go in his walker, and again managed an improvement from this morning. He was taking very tiny steps, and only managing a few at a time before he needed to sit down, but he was nearly doing it himself! Very exciting!

Both children were exhausted and fell asleep immediately when they went to bed. Daniel has done well again today with both his physio and coping with post-op pain, which seems not too bad at all. He has, however, been a bit tearful at times, and I think the last few weeks are catching up with him. We are very, very proud though, of how well he has coped, and the progress he is making.

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