Sunday, 9 December 2012

Saturday ......and the magic begins!

Today, 8 December 2012, three weeks after his SDR operation,  Daniel walked independently in his walker!! He could walk a few metres in a walker before his operation, but his feet would turn inwards, his legs were bent at the knees and he would only get a few steps before his legs would cross or one foot would stand on the other. Today he had beautiful straight legs and feet, and no sign of any scissoring. He walked from our apartment to the laundry room. It is only a short distance (probably less than 6 metres), but yesterday he needed three sitting down breaks to walk that distance (and another three breaks on the way back). Today he not only walked without any support from us, but he also walked all the way there in one go, had a brief sit down, and then walked back again, as he tells you himself in the video clip...

We celebrated with some dancing to Lady Gaga.......

He couldn't put his arms straight up by his ears like this pre-op!
....and then went out to the 'Wild Lights' evening lights display at the zoo.

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  1. Dear Daniel I am so happy you are walking Love, Jessamy xxxxxxxxxxx