Sunday, 2 December 2012

Saturday - post op day 16

It's just a quick update tonight, because there's not much to tell. Daniel has been extremely tired today (as are we all in fact) and we only really achieved about half of the exercises, and had a pretty disastrous go in his walker. We are struggling to know whether we need to keep pushing him, since we have been told we should do the exercises 7 days a week, or just give him a rest, because he is exhausted. He is also eating very little, and the more tired he gets the less he eats. The less he eats, the more he will struggle with the physio etc. He had eaten very little all day today, so tonight we had to resort to all sorts of blackmail, bribery and ultimately Rich feeding him (in total taking an hour and a half) to get a passable amount of dinner down him.

Since Daniel was so tired, and just wanted to rest, and I was still not feeling great, Chris, Rich and Lucy went down to the arch this morning, before we took Chris to the airport. It has been such a treat  to see him this week - Diana we really missed you and hope that we will see you too next time.

We did a food shop on the way back from the airport, and stocked up on as many healthy and vitamin-rich foods as we possibly could, because we are all in need of a boost, and because I can't stand much more processed American food!

Today, I suddenly realised that it is December 1st, which was a slightly surreal feeling. Christmas seems a long, long way away. It has also been back at 20 degrees here again today, and somehow it feels wrong to be in December and not need a coat!

Highlights of today were that Daniel managed his 4 hour target in his splints, which seem reasonably comfortable, although of course he has not yet done much walking in them. They also definitely help him stand up straighter. He also managed to sit essentially cross-legged on the floor (well, admittedly his legs were not quite crossed, but it was nearly there), which was great!

We are planning a very lazy day tomorrow; hoping for a better go in the walker, but generally lots of rest and playing. We need to gather our strength for the week ahead, with not only therapy, but more surgery likely.

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