Monday, 3 December 2012

Sunday - post op day 17

We were determined to make today a restful day, so this morning Lucy and I put some clothes on over our pyjamas and went down and collected food for breakfast from downstairs. Then everyone had breakfast in bed! The children had theirs while watching The Disney Channel - what luxury!

Sunday breakfast in bed, in front of the TV!

When we finally got up, we did Daniel's home exercises, very gently and in no rush. Then we had a go in the walker. He does find it exhausting at the moment, literally managing a few steps at a time, and it took about four bursts (and a few tears) to get across the room, with breaks sitting on the seat in between. I couldn't take any photos because it is a two-adult job at the moment, with one of us behind him supporting his hips, and the other in front in case he falls on his face. Lucy took this photo though! (Not a bad effort for a four year old).

He earned himself 30 minutes of Angry Birds Star Wars on the ipad as a reward for his effort, and was sufficiently motivated by that reward that later this afternoon he did another 'walk across the room'. It again involved several sitting down breaks, but he was a little bit improved on this morning's attempt, and earned himself some more Angry Birds.

Tomorrow we will spend most of the day at the hospital, with therapy in the morning at 9, and then back there in the afternoon to meet Dr Dobbs, the orthopaedic surgeon.

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