Friday, 30 November 2012

Thursday - post op day 14

A change of author for tonight, I'm afraid, as Helen has been rather ill all day. However, Daniel has done very well today not only in taking his new walker for a mini test drive in physio this morning but also for the sheer amount of time he has spent out of the apartment going straight from physio to the zoo and on to 'Walgreens' (the equivalent of Boots), being in his wheelchair (and the car) for longer stretches with admittedly some discomfort, but not pain.

Daniel did really well at his 'home' physio this morning before setting off to the hospital; we can see the difference the physio is making from day to day in the basics. For example, he was able to kick one leg two inches today, whereas he could only manage about an inch on Tuesday. And lying on his tummy, he can now nearly reach the Star Wars toy Death Star placed on his bottom with each leg!

In his session with Jackie at 11, physio was made fun as usual with some Connect4 and some shapes and puzzles, but the main event was the new walker. He tried really hard and did a great job.

Meanwhile, Lucy got to go to the Science Centre again and whilst it was only a brief visit, she really enjoyed the life sciences section which was very hands on and just brilliant. She spent most of the time with experiments that trick your brain but also enjoyed some quality 'math'....

Chris, Dan, Lucy & I then took a leisurely trip to the zoo, which was almost empty, for lunch and a wander about...

... before a quick bit of medicine shopping and home for a well earned rest, and a bit of kneeling up at the sofa (or 'couch' as now both children refer to it as) to play air hockey on the iPad.

Daniel has done brilliantly today, now exactly two weeks post surgery. Hopefully now having the walker will spur him on and we have an outside hope of getting his turbo splints tomorrow which would also be great (and involve him being able to go to the mall tomorrow to choose his first ever pair of regular trainers). We're taking Uncle Chris to the arch tomorrow on his last day and hopefully Helen will be well again.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better today. We really appreciate all the hard work you are both putting in just to keep us up to date. Lots of love to you all
    Jo and Tim. Xxxx