Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday (Post-op day 1) morning update....

I didn't manage to update again after my 3pm post yesterday because very soon after that Daniel started being sick as a result of the anaesthesia, and was violently sick around 6 times over the rest of the day. It's very normal but still a bit distressing for everyone, especially when you imagine how unpleasant it is to vomit when you are flat on your back! However, he did manage to achieve sufficient projection to get it all over Daddy and even the floor. Therefore multiple changes of bedding and pyjamas were needed.

He did enjoy us reading 'Matilda' to him, and just lay still, asking the occasional question, and even managing the odd giggle.

Only one parent was able to stay with him overnight, and since neither of us wanted to leave him we tossed a coin, and it was Rich! Therefore around 8.30pm I set off back to the hotel to update Mum and Dad, and transfer Lucy from their bed back to her own in our apartment. Little Lucy is being such a good girl for Grandma and Grandpa, and very flexible. She is desperate to see her Dan and will hopefully be able to pop in for a brief visit later today.

Rich and Dan had about as good a night as you would expect when you consider he has had major surgery, and has machines beeping constantly, particularly when a dose of medicine is finished, plus you have the nurses coming in frequently to turn him and take his obs. However, they did both get some sleep.

This morning, Dan is feeling a bit sad. At the moment he has to lay for 4-6 hours at a time on each side / back, and then be turned. He is uncomfortable on his left side, both because it seems to hurt his back, and because he is on his left arm, which has the IV in it. By 9am he was complaining quite a lot and desperate to turn, but had another couple of hours before he would be allowed to do so. Therefore we were relieved when he drifted off to sleep. Hopefully by the time he wakes he will be allowed to go on to his back.

So, that's it for now. He's a bit too poorly right now for a photo (plus he looks very much like the one I posted yesterday) but here's the lovely view from the window of his room on the 12th floor, out over Forest Park.

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages. I am sorry that I am not managing to reply to most of them, but please know that we are reading them all and they mean a lot to us.

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