Sunday, 25 November 2012

Saturday - post op day 9

It's just a quick update tonight because we have had quite a lazy day and there's not much to report. This morning we said a sad farewell to Grandma and Grandpa, and Rich and Lucy then took them to the airport, while Daniel and I did the first batch of his home exercises. There is no outpatient therapy at weekends, so we were able to spend quite a bit of time doing the stretches and strengthening exercises, although we still didn't manage to complete them all in one go. Daniel was keen to do one of his school reading books afterwards, which was a really positive sign, as he hasn't felt up to doing that at all since before his op.

Even once Rich and Lucy returned from the airport we tried to incorporate physio activities as much as possible, for instance playing while high-kneeling at the sofa, and also trying to get him to weight-bear at any opportunity. We are keen to get this improved as quickly as we can, not only because he cannot possibly move towards going back into a walker if he can't even bear his own weight; also because things like the toileting are incredibly difficult when you combine the fact that we can only lift him if our hand is underneath his bottom (to avoid damaging his back), with the need to pull down / up his trousers.  We really need him to stand and bear his own weight, even if only briefly, to allow us to do that.

Practising weight-bearing

The children played for a while before lunch, and then after eating we went down to The Galleria Mall again (and ended up in The Disney Store, where the children each spent a bit of the money that various relatives had given them for the trip before we left home).

Now they are both fast asleep. Daniel has managed the whole day with only Calpol as pain relief and with not too much in the way of complaining, which is great. If we could only sort the nights.......

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