Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sweet things...........

Well, it's been another busy (and dare I say sugar - filled) week!

Broadlands Pre-School have been selling cups of sweets at the end of each session this week. Thank you so much to all the parents that sold on different days. Here are Sarah and Harry in action on Wednesday!

On Friday we had the cake sale at Leckhampton School. A massive thank you to everyone that baked, we had offers from across all age groups of the school. An incredible £231.82 was raised - that's a lot of cakes! Very well done and thank you to Alanah, Rhianna and Bonnie, as well as their siblings and friends, plus Laura and the other wonderful Mums, and Dad Vijay.

As well as cakes, they also sold lots more wristbands.....

Also selling lots of wristbands on Friday were the staff of Nursery Rhymes Nursery. It was their graduation ceremony for the pre-school leavers. The staff kindly told everyone all about Daniel (who went to Nursery Rhymes when he was younger) and then encouraged them to buy wristbands! Thank you everyone, we will miss you all when Lucy leaves nursery.

Then on Saturday the Thursday Mums Group were once again refusing to be beaten by the rain, and held their Table Top Sale. Thank you to the Exmouth Arms, for allowing them to use the pub garden for this event. A fabulous £184.38 was raised - extraordinary when you consider the pouring rain did not encourage very much passing trade! Thank you so much to Sonya, Leanne, Niki, Laurie and Lara for all their efforts.

Also, in the middle of the sale, along came Fraser, who is 12 years old and runs his own fudge-making business in Cheltenham. Fraser usually gives 10% of his profits from any event to charity.  However, he was sufficiently touched by Daniel's story that he generously donated £50 on the spot to help, which was wonderful. Fraser's fudge looks amazing; have a look at his website, which is

We are all staggering towards the end of term now, but we have a couple more events to enjoy this week before the schools break up. On Tuesday, Leckhampton Primary have their 'Funny Feet' day, where pupils can wear any sort of silly footwear with their school uniform, while making a donation to Daniel's fund.
Also, on Wednesday, Fraser Hopkins is shaving his head for Daniel! Good luck Fraser!

Coming up in the next few weeks (if it ever stops raining) is Michael Cartwright's sponsored bike ride to work and back. Michael lives in Cheltenham and works in Newbury, so that will be no mean achievement, especially fitting a day's work in the middle! You can see more detail and sponsor Michael on his Justgiving page.

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