Sunday, 22 July 2012

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.....

Well OK, admittedly this post is really only about heads and toes, with not much in the way of shoulders or knees, but I liked the idea of that title.....

So, we have made it to the end of term at last, and everyone is exhausted but relieved to be on holiday (and of course the sun has come out at last, which is exciting). However, we did manage to squeeze in a last couple of fundraising events this week before school finished for the summer.

On Tuesday Leckhampton School had its Funny Feet Day. It was great fun, and there was some very interesting footwear on display! A magnificent £671 was raised - thank you so much to everyone for getting involved, and for your generosity.

On Wednesday, we had the much-awaited shaving of Fraser's head! Thank you to Bournside School for allowing Fraser to do this in his lunch hour. Fraser was extremely brave, and allowed his Mum and his Head of Year to attack his hair at the same time! Fraser was warmly supported by more than 50 members of Year 9 and 10, all of whom had made a donation to watch the event! Fraser raised a fantastic £173.40, and we are tremendously grateful to him.

Feeling a bit nervous?

Starting to think this was all a bad idea after all?

Looking a little patchy at this stage....
But a good end result!
Things are a little quieter over the next few weeks, with the schools off and many people away. However, Emma and her friends are doing their dance-a- thon, Jade is planning her sponsored silence, and of course Michael Cartwright is planning his bike ride to work and back. (See

There is also the online auction of promises, to be launched very soon. There should be some really interesting promises that you can bid for, so keep checking back here, and I will publish details soon).

If you suddenly feel a little bored over the summer, and are overtaken by the urge to do some fundraising, then there are some resources, such as flyers and a general sponsorship form on the 'Contact' page of Daniel's main site ( We are about a third of the way to our final target, but there's a long way to go, so we continue to search for new ways to raise funds, and would love to hear from anyone with ideas!!

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