Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lots happening....

We've had several events in the last couple of weeks. The Thursday Mums Group and their children completed their sponsored walk on Friday 22 June, despite the rather wild weather! Thank you to you all. The children seemed to have a great time and looked like they still had plenty of energy at the end!

Thank you also to the children and Year 1 teachers at Leckhampton Primary, who donated the proceeds (£64.80) of their Open Garden on 22 June.

Susan's table top sale took place yesterday. A huge thank you to Susan, Karl and Yvonne for all their baking, including the fabulous feet biscuits (picture on the 'News' page).

Finally, news just in! Isabella has completed her sponsored bike ride today, after being thwarted previously by our awful weather! She managed to get round 15 Cheltenham parks, and have a little play in each one. Well done Izzi! There is one photo below, but there are lots more on Izzi's own blog page.

The next couple of weeks are looking busy too, I'm pleased to say. I'll keep you informed.....


  1. I would love to know how you are going with reaching your target.

    Would it be possible to put a link in your "about" page so we can follow it across?

  2. Hi Textureknit. We will see what we can do with that over the next few days. Thanks for your interest and support. We do appreciate it!

  3. Ah great to see that you managed to get the Just Giving link on is lovely to see total rising.