Sunday, 3 February 2013

February already.......

The time is flying by, and I can't believe that it is already 11 weeks since Daniel's SDR operation. The last couple of weeks Daniel has continued to work hard at his physio, and usually with his gappy smile much in evidence!

We have all been struck down, to varying degrees, with the bug that has been going round the children's school. However, Daniel has so far managed with only one day off school, and one missed hydrotherapy session, and has otherwise carried on. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he can have a good rest over half term, and manage to stay healthy. After half term we are hoping that he will go back to more or less full time at school, which will bring even more challenges in terms of time management.

The video below was taken this weekend, and shows two really big indications of Daniel's progress. Firstly, on Friday he started to be able to stand UNAIDED, and managed over FIVE SECONDS!! (In the clip below he only does about three and a half seconds but he did manage more in other attempts!) This is something he has never, ever done in his life before; before surgery, as soon as you let go of him, he would just fall over immediately! We were all seriously excited by this new achievement! In the second half you can see him doing well at one of the balance exercises from the home exercises. This shows how his hip stability is improving, as well as his strength in general.

So, since he is getting stronger, and following the advice from St Louis, being the mean parents that we are, we have made Daniel's life a bit trickier still! We are now trying him without his tall splints and just with the smaller ankle splints. These give his legs less support and the change has temporarily made standing and walking harder for him. However, if he can manage without the tall splints, it should allow him to build muscle strength in his ankles and calf muscles now too.

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