Monday, 21 January 2013


Last week was rather a week of two halves. From Monday to Thursday we were fairly efficient in the new routine with visits from physios on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and hydrotherapy on Tuesday. He did half days at school, fitting round the physio.

This photo was taken on Monday, working on balance and core stability on the peanut ball with Janet, who has been Daniel's NHS physio since he was two.

Then, in the early hours of Friday, the snow arrived. I am one of those grumpy people who hates snow! Snow and wheelchairs absolutely do not go together and Daniel is rather a long way from being steady enough on his feet to walk in his walker. Therefore, he was unable to go to school on Friday (even though the children's school seemed to be about the only school in the county that managed to stay open) and essentially had to stay in the house all weekend, restricted to the home exercises and the treadmill. Swimming, horse riding and pretty much everything else fun was cancelled due to the snow.

We did manage a snow play on Friday afternoon. Snow play is extremely difficult if you can't stand up and the fact that we have not been able to enjoy it as a family has always been one of the reasons I hate snow. This year I did think that Daniel might like to stand in the snow in his walker, but he declared he didn't want to 'get it dirty' and denied me that photo opportunity, instead choosing to do this....

Lucy then also decided that looked like fun....

Today, with a partial thaw, we did manage to get out and about again. The children were able to go to school and as well as a visit from the physio, Daniel also had an appointment with his paediatrician. This was the first time she had seen him since his ops, and she seemed very pleased. Like the rest of us, she is looking forward to seeing what he achieves over the next couple of years.

Daniel was also able to use the hospital corridors for a nice long walk, all the way back from Paediatric Outpatients, almost to the car park.

I realised that although I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were teaching Daniel to transfer from his walker to gamma chair, and back again, I had never updated that for the last couple of weeks he has been able to do it. Here he is coming to the table for his meal tonight....

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  1. Way to go Daniel!! As a grandparent of a 5 yr. old Grandson with CP, it's the Little challenges that mean so much...things I took for granted before James. Daniel will continue to improve just as my James has. he had SDR almost 3 yrs ago.!! he was one of the youngest to have SDR!!
    Blessings from the USA
    Grandmama Jane Hillis