Friday, 15 November 2013

One year ago.......

This day, one year ago, we put Daniel into the hands of Dr Park. We hoped and prayed we were doing the right thing and it would give Daniel a brighter, more comfortable and more independent future. The few days that followed were traumatic for us all, and the twelve months that followed that could be aptly described by the words 'roller coaster'! It has been harder work than we ever imagined (and we knew it would be hard work!) However, there can be no doubt that Daniel has made huge progress and today is a good chance to look back and celebrate that, forgetting the things that worry us on a daily basis.

We are incredibly grateful for the huge number of people who have supported Daniel, and us as a family. From those (some of whom were strangers) who threw themselves into our fundraising, the fabulous team in St Louis, our physiotherapists here in Cheltenham (both private and NHS), Mike Poole and his team in Scotland, Daniel's wonderful teaching assistants who enable him to succeed every day at school, and finally our families and close friends (some of whom we met in St Louis) who have provided a wealth of practical and emotional support.

At the centre of all that is one special little boy, who is just bursting with enthusiasm for life. Happy first SDR anniversary to Daniel, and to his friends Brooke and Glen.

This link is to our new video, which celebrates the progress Daniel has made so far. (Press play then double click to make it full screen).  Enjoy!

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