Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer holidays are here......bring on the physio!

Well, we finally made it to the end of term, but there's no rest for Daniel! The children and I, along with my Mum have come up to Scotland for Daniel to have two weeks intensive fitness and strength training at MP Fitness. Mike Poole specialises in building strength in children who are pre- and post-SDR and we had heard many good things about him from other SDR families. The course is very intensive, with two hours of training, five days a week, for two weeks.

Today was Day 1, and Daniel was able to have a slightly gentler introduction, because the first hour or so was mainly talking, to understand how the course would work, and also a big dicussion about diet, and how to add sufficient calories to Daniel's food. He remains very underweight, although he is just about putting on enough weight to avoid intervention beyond the calorie supplement drinks he is on (but not enough to avoid a lot of nagging from the paediatrician).

Then we went into the gym so Mike could assess the muscle groups where Daniel is weak, in order to plan where he will focus the hard work! Daniel worked well and really took to Mike, who made him laugh, while also taking no nonsense!


At the end, Mike gave us the summary of his findings (ie told us where he thinks Daniel is particularly weak).  In one way, it was rather depressing news, but since that's exactly why we have come, we can hardly complain!

We took the children out to lunch afterwards, to celebrate a successful first session, and to replace all those calories Daniel had burned off in the gym!

Tomorrow Dan will have his first 'full on' two hour session, but right now he is looking forward to it. Long may that continue......

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