Monday, 29 October 2012

Cheltenham East Fire Station Open Day

We all had a great time on Saturday afternoon as Cheltenham East Fire Station held their annual open day, in aid of both Daniel's fund and The Firefighters Charity. The fire - fighters put on various demos, including a chip pan fire and how they cut the roof off a car (which Daniel thought was extremely 'cool'). Visitors could also admire the fire engines, and their equipment, enjoy a hot dog, and there was a silent auction, including some truly amazing prizes. A massive thank you to all our friends down at Cheltenham East - we will keep in touch!

Daniel's operation is now only two and a half weeks away! He seems pretty calm about it all (although he has already started bargaining with regard to how many teddies he can take with him) but the nerves are certainly kicking in for me! There is also still a rather long jobs list to get through before then........

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