Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ladies who knit.....

Many thanks to the ladies of 'Yarnit' (a local knitting group), who held an extra meeting this week, in order to help boost our funds. They all had a relaxing evening of knitting, tea / coffee (and wine!) They also held their own raffle, raising £42.50 in total. Thank you to host Sophie, and to Julie and Christine for contributing raffle prizes.

Finally, don't forget our brilliant auction! A few new items are due to be added this week, so it's worth checking back there every so often.......


  1. Ah wish know about this I knit and go to a group would have loved to have joined in.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry, Textureknit. I only knew about it a couple of days beforehand, and didn't think to advertise it on the blog. Please accept my apologies. If you ever want to be put in touch with that knitting group, just let me know.